Love on the Brain | Holdin’ It Down Like a Ride or Die

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If you’ve been exploring the dating world for some time now you’d know that most women usually tend to be attracted to men who keep them intrigued. Boring is never ideal! For the most part, it’s less likely ever about how he makes her feel, but more so about how she feels about him. Regardless of who he is, where he’s been or what he’s done, a woman’s desire always lies wherever or with whoever her energy is drawn to.  When they say women never really know what they want, that isn’t quite true, we innately know exactly what or who we want, but we rarely ever know how to express it.


Simply put, the majority of us want to be desired. We want to be that person in our man’s life who he turns to when he wants love, when he wants comfort, when he wants happiness, when he wants stability, when he want to feel safe. Because we’re all separate individuals with our own individual experiences, thoughts, emotions, inhibitions etc, no two people will ever truly need the exact same components to commit to a successful relationship. The only true component necessary for a successful relationship is invested energy. 

Successful relationships are never solely based on love. Love, the noun, is an intense feeling of deep affection, and love, the verb, is to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone or something. Both meanings, despite the general misconception, are critically subjective. Love is an emotion, emotions come and go. How much of us can really say we’ve consistently experienced the same emotion, unchanged, for extended periods of time? Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad, sometimes we feel angry and sometimes we feel love. So if love comes and goes, our desire to be in a relationship with someone will similarly, always come and go. 


The law of energy is simple, energy cannot be created or destroyed, however, it can be transformed or transferred from one form to another, or in this instance, from one person to another. Hence the reason why successful relationships always come across as “easy” or “simple”. Just as in nature energy exists, so too in our relationships with our partners, our energy just exists. The “hard” part that people in long-term relationships always refer to only comes when we have to transform or transfer our energy in our relationship. As individuals, we are responsible for and should always be held accountable to where our energy is spent. We can either invest our energy in making our relationship work, or we can choose to be lazy and let our energy be drawn in all different directions where they don’t belong.


Relationships like Kevin and Dreka Gates work, despite the ups and downs, when both partners choose to invest their energy in each other. Men will always desire ride or die women like Dreka Gates, one of social media’s favorite rapper wives, because they are the ones who stay consistent in their efforts to support and invest time and energy into holdin’ it down.  

Love on the Brain | Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Get ready for those relationship goals and matching outfits couples posts! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I know a lot of people pick on valentine’s day for being commercialized, unnecessary and pointless, but I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Call me corny but there’s just something so exciting about sharing this day with that special someone. When he does find me, I’d want to celebrate that Nala and Simba type love that Elton John was singing about when he wrote  Can You Feel the Love Tonight


I know we should cherish our loved ones 365 days a year and be willing to prepare surprises just because it’s a Tuesday, but I’d adore the day a guy goes all out for me on Valentine’s Day. I’d be even more excited about planning v-day surprises for him. Although I have yet to  share in the experience of the celebration of this lovely day for couples, I have tons and tons of ideas for gifts, surprises and dates!

Slightly cheesy but totally worth it DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Top 3 Stay-at-Home Intimate Date Ideas

Charm your loved one with a Romantic Candle-Lit Dinner and express to them your interest and dedication through your effort, time and creativity. Why go out to a restaurant when you can set the mood in a more intimate setting at home? Think about it, at a restaurant you’d sit down, browse through the menu, order, chit chat while waiting, eat, pay then leave, but at home, you set the pace. No nosy customers or pushy waiters distracting the romance, just you and your significant other enjoying the passion of each others company.

A Daytime Outdoor Picnic is a rustic and special way to spend Valentine’s Day in your own backyard or it could be a great opportunity for a couple outing to your favorite park. This idea is probably not practical here in New York since it’s about 30°, but to all my readers who are enjoying warmer weather, why not share this v-day with that lovely someone having some fun in the sun. 

This Rose Petal Bath with Scented Candles is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Obviously this date is only for those who’s relationship is at that level, this may be a little too much for a couple who just started dating. However if you and your partner have explored and are comfortable with this level of intimacy, this special surprise for your loved one after a long day would really be a great opportunity to indulge in the sensuality of your connection. Make sure the mood is right having your favorite love songs whispering in the background paired with some good champagne or wine and some chocolates. And if you’re really feeling fancy, this would be an awesome surprise addition to a night out at a hotel.


I hate cliches, but on Valentine’s Day, its really the thought that counts, it could be just a card, a box of candies or even a single rose. Don’t be afraid to jump on this bandwagon! Celebrate your relationship, celebrate and show your gratitude and appreciation for your bond with your loved one on this so-called over-commercialized day for hallmark and love sick cornballs.

Love on the Brain | Love on the App?

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Dating apps? Has it really come to this? Am I that deep under my rock that I have to resort to swiping through virtual perceptions of people instead of interacting with real ones the way “normal” people do? I can’t help but feel alien on this thing. Obviously I shouldn’t because there are tons of profiles to scrutinize, yet I can’t shake that feeling of queerness. Is it realistic to think that I can find a serious relationship or are these apps just a quick easy way to find casual hook ups.


So there are options to describe what you’re looking for on the POF dating app;

  • hang out
  • long term
  • dating
  • friends

and then there’s another section describing your intent;

  • I’m looking for casual dating/No commitment
  • I want to date but nothing serious
  • I want a relationship
  • I’m putting in serious effort to find someone
  • I am serious and I want to find someone to marry

If I were to be honest I would say I’m in it for the long term because I am serious and I want to find someone to marry yet that seems so desperate and needy right? Am I overthinking this?


I ended up selecting long term/I want a relationship but I still felt like the guys who messaged me were just interested in a one night stand, if long term, they probably just wanted a friend with benefits. I would think that they’d read my profile before messaging me to assume the likeliness of compatibility, but the majority of them would always end up asking “So what are you looking for?” That question was the red flag for me, clearly I spent time filling out this profile for a reason!

While most of the guys did appear to be just f%#k boys, I did come across a few decent, well-mannered, respectable men. Although they could just be putting up a front, I am doing my best to try to be a little more optimistic.

I was quite nervous but I still decided I’d dip my toes in the lady pond, although I had never been in a relationship with a woman, I have often experienced those sweaty palm, tingly feelings that I’ve swept under the rug for years. When again would I find a better, less revealing opportunity to flirt and meet women? I did notice that the women I’ve come across aren’t as forward as the guys. For ratio’s sake, I’d probably gotten ten messages from men for every one message from a woman. I am so used to guys pursuing me that I can’t seem to find what to say when I want to spark a conversation with another woman. It was very strange.

Over the past couple weeks swiping through “my matches” have become less and less queer. I have grown to actually find fun in browsing through this online dating buffet. I like some, skip some, reject some, ignore some, respond to some, I even had to put some guys in check who didn’t seem to know their place. It’s only been a week, I haven’t found anyone to meet up with in person yet, but it might not be long. I have been flirting with a few people, and even if they don’t work out, there is still more potential out there, just a swipe away.

Love on the Brain | When Love Isn’t Enough

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Isn’t love lovely? It’s the most euphorically stimulating experience that mesmerizes our inhibitions. At least that’s how I felt. I wanted to spend every moment of every day with him; and it seemed like we did because we worked together and when we weren’t at work we talked endlessly on what’s app. I still remember the way he smells, I loved the way he smelled. I loved the way his beard tickled my forehead when we laid next to each other. I loved listening to the vibration of his smooth voice as I laid my head on his chest. I loved how willing he was to make me laugh. I loved our dates. I loved his kisses. I loved our deep conversations. I loved that he supported my dreams. I loved that he wanted to be with me. I loved all these things and so much more that I thought we were meant for each other. I thought we’d be together, if not forever, at least for a long time.


Our coworkers thought we made the perfect couple, I was proud to be his girlfriend. One coworker, who I thought was my friend, even got extra petty and bitter with me when she found out about our relationship. He became my drug. I hate to admit it now, but I was addicted to his voice, his touch, his embrace. I wanted to be around him so much that I was willing to skip school to spend time with him. I’m not going to pretend he didn’t have faults, there were moments when we didn’t agree, but I was willing to look past whatever to make things work between us. I opened up to him, I let him in, I shared with him things about myself that I’d hidden from my closest friends. I was my most affectionate and submissive self with him. I tried my best to do everything and anything within reason to show him my love. We’d joke about moving in together until we started to make plans about our potential future when we’d move to Texas after I graduate from college. I was really convinced that our love was blooming.


I never questioned his feelings for me. It had only been just over four months, but I never noticed any signs to trigger suspicion. We weren’t spending as much time together as before because he started  a new job but whenever our schedules matched we spent it together. One afternoon he came over after work and I was so happy to see him. He started telling me about an altercation he faced with an ex-girlfriend showing me the scratches on his face and neck. I couldn’t believe, in this day and age, that women still went savage on men when they didn’t get their way. I believed his story. I trusted him.


A few hours later, when I checked my facebook, I had a message waiting for me from, let’s call her Clara. Clara didn’t waste any time getting to the point. Of course I am paraphrasing but she basically told me that she was “fucking my man.” Apparently she was the savage he tried telling me about but clearly he left out the most important detail. Of course he denied it at first but eventually he told me the truth. Not the whole truth, but enough to make me feel willing to forgive him. He made it seem as though it happened when we just started talking. I didn’t get too upset.

A couple weeks later, Clara texted me while I was at his house, telling me the same old tale and I explained to her that it was okay, its in the past and its over; until she told me they were together recently, in his bed! After he denied it again I called Clara and started making plans for us to meet with her so we could put all her accusations to rest, to which he admitted to his cheating. I was extremely hurt, embarrassed and upset. Despite my frustration, his tears made me willing to forgive him again.


Although my relationship was falling apart before my eyes was I still willing to do my best to pick up the pieces. I loved him so I was willing to work on whatever it was that was gnawing at the trust we built. I was willing to overlook his disloyalty and lack of judgement for the sake of love. Unfortunately, I was the only one trying to fix our broken relationship. He started pulling away, he’d say he wanted to work on us but his actions continued to contradict his words.

After a couple weeks he finally broke up with me, but I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t want to give up on a relationship that I had invested so much time and energy into. He had become my best friend, the one I wanted to spend all my time with. His absence made me feel incomplete and depressed. I’d call him, and he didn’t want to talk to me, He started ignoring my calls and my messages. I became so desperate that I had my best friend call him to play relationship counselor, that didn’t work of course. He didn’t want me anymore. He wanted nothing to do with me. When he’d finally pick up the phone I’d beg him to explain why he didn’t want to be together anymore, and to this day I still don’t know because all he’d say was, “I have nothing more to say.”


Unwilling to give me the explanation and closure I so desperately needed, I was left to fix my broken heart alone. I was so ashamed, when my coworkers would ask about him I’d feel so awkward, I even pretended like I was unbothered by my failed relationship. Although I was crumbling inside I had to smile and act like everything was alright.

My love, my loyalty, my forgiveness, my trust wasn’t enough. I used to think that I wasn’t enough, I wanted to know where I went wrong, foolishly I questioned my self back and forth, combing through everything I did and everything I said trying to figure out why I wasn’t enough, but it has taken three years for me to figure out that even though I felt like I wasn’t enough, it was him who fell far short of worthy. It’s easy for me to look back now and criticize how stupid I was, but I’ll accept it as a learning experience.

You can’t force someone to see if they refuse to open their eyes. We give our all to the ones we love yet they refuse to appreciate our commitments. Despite a woman’s nature to hold it down and hold it together, sometimes we have to be strong enough to let go. We need to stop allowing people to make us feel insufficient, insecure and incomplete. We’re too strong to allow men to make us weak! We deserve the best and nothing less!


The Daily Post | Anticipate

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You’d think that long distance relationships have become much easier with all the advances in communication technology. Think about it, before the convenience of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or FaceTime, much of long distance romances depended on phone calls or emails and sometimes, it was only the simple hand written letter that kept love afloat. Much of the connections among millennials are being developed through double taps, likes, shares, retweets, follows and subscriptions.


Admit it, being part of the ‘look at me’ generation has made it quite easy for knowing someone to resemble knowing of someone. It’s true, you might be able to get the gist of a persons character, values and ideals based on the content of their page but that’s only if they’re actually willing to be open and genuine. When you meet someone for the first time, in getting to know each other, do you find yourself curious about their social media? Do you become curious about their posts, who their friends are and who the friends of their friends are? What pictures they posted 3 or 4 years ago? Do you get the urge to dig up all the dirt you can possibly find through their unequivocal, impulsive posts? Has social media tricked us into being inquisitive about a person instead of being interested in them?


We hardly ever leave room for anticipation anymore. We’d scroll through a person’s posts for a couple weeks and we’d think we know them. Instead, wouldn’t it be more nurturing to a genuine friendship if we’d take the time to learn about each other naturally? Maybe there is some correlation between the shortness of today’s relationships and the short span of time it takes to scroll through a persons life online. It’s the anticipation, the exciting beauty of suspense that holds our interest, which sets the perfect atmosphere for a relationship to flourish. Although social media may have alleviated a bit of the strain on long distance relationships, maybe social media is also the cause of the strain on long lasting relationships.


The Daily Post | Anticipate