Happy Holidays| Single for the Holidays

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Being single for the holidays had never made me more certain that I want to have a family of my own someday. I literally feel like the Christmas grinch, but instead of stealing Christmas, I am being forced into solitary confinement while everyone else spends a holly jolly Christmas with their loved ones. My instagram feed is a constant replay of mommies, daddies and their kiddies in ugly matching pajamas, baking stupid Christmas cookies and decorating their dumb gingerbread houses. Ughh it’s so sickening and yet I want it all. Around this time, 25 years ago my mom, who was also 25 at the time, was celebrating her first Christmas as a family with my father and I. Shouldn’t it be my turn by now?

I’ve always heard that Christmas is for the children, and I am starting to agree, without any little kiddies around me to buy presents for, it feels like just anther day. I don’t mean to seem shallow, obviously Christmas is more than just a holiday for gift giving but it’s one of the things I love most about the season. Sharing tokens of love, whether its cheesy hand made DIYs or the season’s hottest doorbusters, the gift of gift giving is the gift that just keeps on giving. Not that I could afford any gifts anyway, as a full-time college student working a minimum wage part-time job, although my gifts may be limited to the shabby chic sale items in my nearest department store, I’m still eager to wrap it up with love.


What am I going to do this holiday since I’m still away from my parents home in Trinidad? Although I’m stuck in New York’s cold, I still have the opportunity to visit a nearby relative and enjoy her family for Christmas.

So how else do I plan to enjoy a fulfilling Christmas holiday this year? Here are my top 5 ideas for enjoying being single during the holidays:

  1. Visit a relative or close friend
  2. Plan and cook/bake your favorite meal or desert (doesn’t have to be fancy!)
  3. Load up on stocking stuffers (if you love affordable gift giving)
  4. Donate seasonal clothing and blankets to those who may need
  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen


I may really need to consider dating seriously for the new year. I’m trying to avoid setting it up as a new year’s resolution, cause surely, judging by my progress in the dating world, this may be a resolution bound to fail.