Lifestyle | Lauren and Cameron’s “Love is Blind” Spin Off

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Lauren and Cameron’s whirlwind romance was a true favorite among the couples on Netflix’s three week event Love is Blind. Lauren and Cameron hit it off instantly, getting in to some deep conversations, opening up their eyes to emotions they didn’t even know they had. Their personalities and desire to find true love matched and after five short days of laughter and even some tears, Cameron proposed to Lauren. But here’s the kicker, they hadn’t even seen each other in person yet. 

After a quick getaway trip to mexico and some time in a new apartment, coordinating their lives to see what it could be like living together as husband and wife, the couple tied the knot. 

The series has been number 1 on Netflix for the past week with fans all over the world however Lauren and Cameron’s experience was definitely a crowd favorite especially among black viewers. 

Actress, singer and social media babe @thejessiewoo was rooting for Lauren and Cameron’s union.

Some fans like @shadesofsoso even went all out getting dressed up and ready for the Love is Blind wedding.

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Instagram and Twitter fans are already calling for a Lauren and Cameron show! Who wouldn’t want to see this right? The couple is practically the American Meghan and Harry! 

As Lauren so rightly said in her Instagram live stream, “America’s audiences needed this.” We needed to see unfiltered, unscripted real life footage of how beautiful love can be without all the over the top drama. With most reality shows about love and relationships portraying black women as angry, aggressive or just plain gold diggers, Netflix did a wonderful job with this series making it feel the most authentic and relatable reality series yet. Now all Netflix needs to do is to start filming Lauren and Cameron’s spin off!