Music | Thinkin ‘Bout You

In the beautiful spirit of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Season 2020, I had to curate my little rendition to soca music. Although I haven’t been home for Carnival in a little over nine years, I still have a great appreciation for my culture and the sweet feel good music that always brings the greatest show on earth to life.

When I sat down to write this song I knew I wanted to do something groovy, like a love song, however I had to try my best to ensure that the lyrical theme fits well with my personality as well as where I am in my life right now. I wanted to be able to look back on this song five or ten years from now and reminisce on all the feelings and emotions I was experiencing regardless of not being in a relationship or not being back home in Trinidad to enjoy all the parties and festivities for the Carnival season. I have been living in New York for about ten years and I do get a little homesick at times, missing my family and friends along with the rich Trinbago culture.

The hook goes “When I think about the way you got me feeling, I just want to be with you tonight” and Although I could be referring to a relationship or love interest, I am also playing on the idea of missing home and thinking of the life I used to live before coming to New York. “Gimme good love, you are the healing” There’s no place like home where the feeling of ‘good love’ will always fill the atmosphere being around loved ones who know exactly how to heal that homesick feeling. 

Head over to my Music page or check out my IGTV channel at HelloMiraBelle to listen to my latest addition to Sunday Sessions Thinkin ‘Bout You

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