Music | Sunday Sessions


I am finally back after an extremely long two year hiatus and it feels good! Let’s just say I had to take some time off to do some adulting. Life hasn’t been going quite as planned but it doesn’t take too much to make the necessary adjustments to suit. 

So now that I am back and in action I plan to continue with my weekly lifestyle blogs but I also have a super fantastic addition to my content. I have been writing music for about eleven years now, since high school, and I am ready to share it all with the world. My passion for creating stories and setting moods through music began when I first started playing the guitar back in 2009. It wasn’t that hard to learn since I had been playing the piano since I was a kid, but I will admit it does get tricky sometimes. I learnt a few basic chords, developed my strumming skills and added some lyrics and now I have over 40 completed songs just waiting to be heard. 

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, a place with its own musical culture of calypso, soca and reggae, with a father who used to blast hits from Journey, Scorpions, Toto and Michael Jackson, my musical palette is quite flexible. My style cannot simply be limited to one genre. I enjoy creating reggae, soft rock, pop, hip hop, rap, R&B and my own style of reggae jazz fusions. 

I am super excited to share this with you guys in a series I have created called Sunday Sessions. I will be posting a new song every sunday to my IGTV so follow me on Instagram @hellomirabelle and go like my facebook page Hello Mira Belle. 

One thought on “Music | Sunday Sessions

  1. I’m extremely proud of you, I remember you started the piano at the tender age of 4 1/2 and Mrs Lawrence had to promise you a candy if/when you completed your lesson. She must be smiling form the heavens.

    Then on to Ms Pat, well Lord have mercy!!!

    You are super blessed with talent, continue to shine!

    Signed: Proud Mamma…

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