Hello Summer | Happy 4th & Happy Graduation 2018

bcl-4th-julyHello summer and Happy 4th of July! OMG guys! Can you believe it’s summer already and it’s been over a month since I last blogged! Life has been doing the most these past few weeks! I graduated from college, I moved to Long Island, I started a new job and I also started a weight loss journey!summer_time-1455175So much has been going on that I barely have time to blog as frequently as I would like to however now that I have settled in my new life a bit more I’m trying to develop a doable routine. Let me tell you, life as a college girl and life as a working woman are two totally different ball games! On the upside, I don’t have so much reading and studying to do and I don’t have to worry about doing assignments and meeting deadlines however, I have gained new responsibilities at my new job where I am training over the summer to replace their After School Teacher in the fall. Working full-time with kids leaves me so drained that by the time I get home I barely have any energy left over for myself. Nonetheless, I am so grateful that I got a job immediately after graduating and although it required me to move out of Queens to Long Island, thank goodness I was lucky enough to find a new apartment near by.

Four years of college life, living with roommates and grinding on my own away from my family was definitely a rollercoaster that I would ride all over again if I had to. Although college isn’t for everyone, it really provides the opportunity to explore life and prepare for adulthood. Interacting with my professors and classmates taught me how to respect and cooperate with the ideas and behaviors of other personalities. It wasn’t instantaneous, but after four years of practice, I got the hang of it for sure. Despite the opinions of those who didn’t think I could do it, I sacrificed a lot taking on the challenge of a college education head on and I am really proud of this achievement.




4 thoughts on “Hello Summer | Happy 4th & Happy Graduation 2018

  1. Congratulations and I am so super thankful that I was given the opportunity to mother you! You are truly a blessing…

    I always knew you had the capacity to do it and I am really, really, really proud of you!!!

    Keep on keeping on…


    Your #1 Fan Forever

  2. An amazing life awaits! Super happy for you! God will continue to light your path. Just stick with Him and stay positive. Keep blogging! Your experiences will undoubtedly be a guide to someone, somewhere.

  3. Rewarding journey but there will be others.Take some deep breath for those to come. Remember no destination is achieveable without help from the seen and unseen. Always keep your feet on the ground while you’re reaching beyond your limits.

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