Love on the Brain | Holdin’ It Down Like a Ride or Die

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If you’ve been exploring the dating world for some time now you’d know that most women usually tend to be attracted to men who keep them intrigued. Boring is never ideal! For the most part, it’s less likely ever about how he makes her feel, but more so about how she feels about him. Regardless of who he is, where he’s been or what he’s done, a woman’s desire always lies wherever or with whoever her energy is drawn to.  When they say women never really know what they want, that isn’t quite true, we innately know exactly what or who we want, but we rarely ever know how to express it.


Simply put, the majority of us want to be desired. We want to be that person in our man’s life who he turns to when he wants love, when he wants comfort, when he wants happiness, when he wants stability, when he want to feel safe. Because we’re all separate individuals with our own individual experiences, thoughts, emotions, inhibitions etc, no two people will ever truly need the exact same components to commit to a successful relationship. The only true component necessary for a successful relationship is invested energy. 

Successful relationships are never solely based on love. Love, the noun, is an intense feeling of deep affection, and love, the verb, is to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone or something. Both meanings, despite the general misconception, are critically subjective. Love is an emotion, emotions come and go. How much of us can really say we’ve consistently experienced the same emotion, unchanged, for extended periods of time? Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad, sometimes we feel angry and sometimes we feel love. So if love comes and goes, our desire to be in a relationship with someone will similarly, always come and go. 


The law of energy is simple, energy cannot be created or destroyed, however, it can be transformed or transferred from one form to another, or in this instance, from one person to another. Hence the reason why successful relationships always come across as “easy” or “simple”. Just as in nature energy exists, so too in our relationships with our partners, our energy just exists. The “hard” part that people in long-term relationships always refer to only comes when we have to transform or transfer our energy in our relationship. As individuals, we are responsible for and should always be held accountable to where our energy is spent. We can either invest our energy in making our relationship work, or we can choose to be lazy and let our energy be drawn in all different directions where they don’t belong.


Relationships like Kevin and Dreka Gates work, despite the ups and downs, when both partners choose to invest their energy in each other. Men will always desire ride or die women like Dreka Gates, one of social media’s favorite rapper wives, because they are the ones who stay consistent in their efforts to support and invest time and energy into holdin’ it down.  

4 thoughts on “Love on the Brain | Holdin’ It Down Like a Ride or Die

  1. I love how you referenced the law of conservation of energy to relationships. I don’t know those two people but I’m sure their love is more of a choice, because as you said emotions fluctuate. It’s like how could you love me today then hate me tomorrow. Love is the greatest energy of all

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